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User instructions

SELECTION OF DATA Select the data you want from the selection boxes. At least one value must be selected from boxes marked as "mandatory". You can select one value from the box by clicking it or by searching for the value with the selection box search function. You can select all values with the "Select all" button or by selecting the first value in the list and pressing the shift and end buttons on your keyboard. The "Deselect all" button cancels the selections. If you want to select consecutive values from the list: - paint the values with the mouse or - press shift and click the first and last values of the list you want. If you want to select values here and there from the list: - to select data, hold down the control key while selecting or - enter the values in the search field of the selection box one at a time. When you press enter, the value is selected. When you have selected the data you want, press the "Show table" button below the selection boxes. SEARCH FUNCTION The value searched with the search function is selected when you press enter. If you search for more than one value, clear the field in between. By default, the selection box search searches for values both from the beginning of a word and in the middle of a word. To limit the search to the beginning of a word, click the "Beginning of word" option. WIDE TABLES The browser view following the "Show table" button is limited to around 1,000 rows and 300 columns. Even if not all the data you have selected are shown in the browser view, the data will be included if you save the table as an Excel file, for example. SAVING THE TABLE You can save the table you have made into a file in several different formats. The saving alternatives can be found under "Download table" in the menu. There is also a shortcut key xlsx for Excel saving under the drop-down menu. To return to the table on the web page, you can save the selections you made in the database. You can get a link to your own table under "Save your query" in the menu. Please note that a link copied from the address bar of your browser does not save your selections.